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Empower Your ChillAccount by Plug-in
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General/ Reports/ Utilities

Announcement Management

System Broadcasting

Add [System Broadcasting] to streamline your corporate announcement.

Workflow Management

Business Process Management

Add [Workflow Management] to automate your management approval process!!!

Record File Management

Advanced Change Management

Add [Advanced Change Management] to enjoy professional Advanced Change Management.

Data Change Management

Attachment Data Storage

Add [Attachment Data Storage] to ease your filing job related to various transactions and master files.


Document Attachment

Add [Document Attachment] to organize your filing with role-based security protection.

Shared Schedule

Group Collaborative Calendar

Add [Group Collaborative Calendar] to collaborate calendars of your workforces

Row label

User-definable Field Update

Add [Update Field Update] to further cut manual work by users

EBI Format Designer

User-definable Business Intelligence (EBI Report)

Add [User-definable Business Intelligence (EBI Report)] to enjoy advanced report filtering feature and unlimited management report formats

Intelligent Dashboard

User-definable Graphical Chart

Add [User-definable Graphical Chart] to produce personalized visual reporting.

Intelligent Pivot Table

User-definable Pivot Table

Add [User-definable Pivot Table] to enjoy multi-dimensional business insights.


User-definable Telescope

Add [User-definable Telescope] to provide your users with broad and deep information about target data with just one-click.


User-definable Kanban Dashboard

Add [User-definable Kanban Dashboard] to enjoy panamormic view for mangement / decision makers.

Mass Document Mailing

Mass Document & Report Email Configurator

Add [Mass Document & Report Email Configurator] to save your time in pressing SEND buttons repeatedly.


SG Accounting Pack

Singapore Accounting Pack

Add [Singapore Accounting Pack] to add Singapore tax reporting capabilities.

MY Accounting Pack

Malaysia Accounting Pack

Add [Malaysia Accounting Pack] to add Malaysia tax reporting capabilities.

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

Add [Fixed Asset Management] to enjoy state-of-art asset management functions.

Sales / Purchase / Stock Plug-in(s)

Turbo Document Generation_360

Turbo Document Generation

Add [Turbo Document Generation] to further streamline your paperwork process

Buy X Get Y Free

Sales Promotion

Add [Sales Promotion] to enhance customer experience.

Packing List

Shipping Packing List

Add [Shipping Packing List] to enhance your shipping document preparation.

Stock Lot. No. Control

Lot Number Management

Add [Lot Number Management] to enhance your inventory management to another level.

Stock take

Intelligent Stocktaking

Add [Intelligent Stocktaking] to make inventory management better.

Purchase Order Generation

Intelligent Purchase Order Generation – MRP

Add [Intelligent Purchase Order Generation – MRP] to enhance procurement efficiency.

Multi-Location Stock Control

Multi-locational Warehouse

Add [Multi-locational Warehouse] to enjoy unlimited warehouse/shop management.

Defective Stock Processing

Defective Stock Processing

Let [Defective Stock Processing] to book defective stock in more detailed and efficient way.

Light Production

Bills of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Add [Bill of Materials (BOM)] to keep track of your material costs.

Product Assembly

Intelligent Product Assembly & Disassembly

Add [Intelligent Product Assembly & Disassembly] to speed your material deduction record in production activities.

Packing List

Intelligent Costing Calculator (Pre-production)

Add [Intelligent Costing Calculator] for your salesman to quote with a precise costing figure behind the scene.


Customer Data Guard

Customer Data Guard

Add [Customer Data Guard] to further enhance your data security among different teams

Vendor Data Guard

Vendor Data Guard

Add [Vendor Data Guard] to further enhance your data security among different teams

Product Data Guard

Product Data Guard

Add [Product Data Guard] to further enhance your data security among different teams

Location Data Guard

Location Data Guard

Add [Location Data Guard] to further enhance your data security among different teams

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